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reinforced ventures brings together experienced technologists & investors to empower entrepreneurs building the next generation of commercial infrastructure in software and autonomous systems at their source in Pittsburgh, PA 

RFV has been great to work with. Although thorough, their process was very efficient and they were always cognizant of the utilization of our time as founders running a company. It is refreshing to interface with investors like RFV who bring immense strategic value and are very efficient in their diligence. Within the first 2 weeks of making the investment, they started providing significant value in being a sounding board to our growth strategy. We need more funds like RFV in the region! 

Ryan Green, CEO of Gridwise


Reinforced Ventures was founded by technologists with a mission to serve and fund the next generation of technologists, starting with a syndicate of Pittsburgh-based accredited investors which has grown to 800 and growing nationally.

We invest nationally but are based in Pittsburgh giving us the advantage. Pittsburgh is a leader in technical capabilities and talent with over $10 billion of academic research funded and $6.6 billion of private funding in technology over the past decade. The lion's share of which was in technologies that are defining the future of how we live and work - software for autonomous operations, robotics hardware, IoT, cybersecurity and privacy, and transformative SaaS platforms. Funding brings talent (+12% in the software workforce over the last 3 years) who are attracted to Pittsburgh as R&D and employment opportunities compete with Silicon Valley while cost of living is one of the lowest in the country. This in turn produces more early stage investment opportunities. We are best positioned to capture those opportunities with deep local & extensive national networks.

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Euan Guttridge, Founder.

Currently Director of Technical Program Management at Waymo, previously served at Uber ATG (self-driving) as Head of Technical Program Management in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. Prior to that wore various hats at Google and Google [X] for ten years leading initiatives in the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Angel Investor for 8 years in over 30 companies. Active advisor & board member.


Active in the Pittsburgh community arranging Xoogler/Googler/Investor events and Autonomy Engineering meetups. Mentor at the Innovation Works - AlphaLab incubator and coach at Carnegie Mellon's VentureBridge and McGinnis entrepreneur competition. 


our portfolio

consolidating fragmented mobility service data  to increase driver earnings, inform cities and drive insights for businesses (Pittsburgh) | more 

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automating freight logistics starting with autonomous convoy trucking, reducing the pain of labor shortages and fuel costs (Pittsburgh) | more


a unique e-commerce experience that gives buyers premium wine at a great value, without discounting the price and devaluing the brand (San Francisco) | more

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delivering the promise of autonomous vehicles through software safety validation and risk analysis for the auto & freight insurance industry (Pittsburgh, Munich) | more

last-mile delivery as a Service for food delivery aggregators with all-weather, low cost, remote piloted robots (Toronto) | more

an online marketplace that helps local small businesses borrow expansion loans from their own customers  (Pittsburgh) | more

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 9.39.39 AM.png

robotic swarm-farming venture providing an open platform for precision and powered deployment of farm technology  (Saskatchewan) | more


Onyx makes livestream monetization simple
(San Francisco) | more


a better way to discover, collaborate, and distribute relevant third-party content that helps turn leads into loyal customers (Pittsburgh) | more


combining vertical farming with proprietary robotics and artificial intelligence to create an entirely new category of hyper-local fresh produce (Pittsburgh) | more 

self-driving database tuning through workload analysis and configuration optimization through a machine-learned approach (Pittsburgh) | more 

ottertune-full (1).png

Autonomy-as-a-Service for commercial lawn care, using a clamp on robotic system that can automate existing fleets. (San Francisco) | more

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.39.05 AM.png

resetting a key mechanism of aging - extending telomeres to extend the human healthspan  (Stanford, CA) | more


smart, contactless shopping for everyone else (Seattle) | more

the worlds first VR movement solution  (Pittsburgh) | more


Chef-created, robot-plated affordable healthy meal bowls (San Mateo, CA) | more

surgical navigation and robotics tools to make minimally invasive surgeries easier, faster and more accessible (Boston, MA) | more

Z_Wordmark Slogan_Blue.png

integrates, modernizes, and automates data processing, storage, and transmission from edge to core to cloud (Bay Area) | (more)


Reinforced Ventures truly operate as a partner. They objectively provide the most detail and clarity possible to LPs - allowing them to make the best decision for them while also being highly communicative and identifying all avenues to help the entrepreneurs they work with meet their goal.

Scott Rogerson, CEO UpContent


invest with us

We look for technical founders living in the future and frustrated with the present who are building B2B & B2D SaaS products, including hardware enabled SaaS or robotics. 

If we are the first cheque that is fine, as is Seed to Series B. Our syndicate typically raises cheque sizes of $150,000 to $250,000.

Perfection is the enemy of progress : be prepared for our conversation, but please don't wait for the perfect pitch deck! We work with data, not on fancy visuals. email us what you have and we'll work together from there. We are told our diligence process is as helpful to founders as it is to us. 

Whether you are an executive, founder or engineer you are welcome to join us on our journey of learning from, investing in and serving our portfolio companies.


Each investment we put before the syndicate is opt-in and has a minimum cheque size of $2,500. We use AngelList's deeply experienced legal and operations team to administer the syndicate. All your paperwork, certificates, tax K1s and portfolio are accessible online.


Our LP base ranges from highly sophisticated investors through to those simply wishing to learn about startup investing in an opt-in and supportive environment. 


Reinforced Ventures literally hit the ground running as a team member. They are the ideal support and sounding board one can imagine: always there when you need them, very generous with time and brain cycles, but also very cognizant of the founders' time. Euan is incredibly articulate and his sense of clarity around otherwise very complex concepts is both very assuring and compelling. 

Çetin Meriçli, CEO Locomation

Every good VC and investment partner does what they say they are doing to do. Reinforced Ventures has done exactly that since the first introductory call with clarity, transparency, and a network of important expertise. We're excited to continue working with the Reinforced Ventures team to help take our business to new heights.

Austin Webb, CEO Fifth Season

Austin Webb Headshot.jpg

"Reinforced Ventures is an exemplary value-add investor. Even prior to closing their investment, they leveraged the power of their extensive network to connect us with a prominent mechanical engineering director at a top 5 robotics company who became both a formal advisor and major investor. As a result, Reinforced Ventures accelerated our go-to-market and propelled our business to the next level."

Brad Factor, CEO, EKTO VR